Hosted by Theatre Mutiny & The Outcome via LIVE Instagram. Raw, unscripted, and uncut!!


What is Soundchexxx ?

Soundchexxx is an online Hip-Hop Talk Show hosted by Theatre Mutiny (Me) & The Outcome discussing a variety of topics for one hour in length. In response during a global pandemic, the first episode debuted on May 13th, 2020, and continues every week til this day. Each episode is broadcasted LIVE on Instagram raw, unscripted, and uncut! Also in the final 15-minutes of each session, we play a game called 'Guest That Artist,' where I play 5 Hip-Hop songs (from any era) and The Outcome has to guess which artist I am playing. Some days we will give away prizes too (will be announced in advance). Our viewers are encouraged to give him hints in the comment section during the LIVE feed. Also, important to note: the theme song to Soundchexxx is produced by our PTC brother Arkatype. @arkatype_ 

We hope you enjoy the show. For promo, features, and requests please message us directly or comment while we are live. We'd love to chat with you. Other discussions and possible topics include but not limited to:

1. Hip-Hop Conversations
2. News and Politics
3. Upcoming releases

4. and more!!

We will see everybody on Wednesday. Follow us on Instagram below.

Theatre Mutiny Instagram page @theatremutiny
The Outcome Instagram page @theoutcome831ptc