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New Single Alert!

Blessed 2C Light by Pull Thru Chaos

release 05/05/2021

April 24th, 2021



The future's looking bright!

The Pull Thru Chaos Music Group will release their first single “Blessed 2C Light” on all major platforms on May 5th 2021. The new PTC single is essentially a song that pays homage to the Sun and features PTC members Moon Magic, Aper Zaper, A.M.A.R.U., Theatre Mutiny, and producer Haustility. As the first installation from their underground project LP in the works, Blessed 2C Light is inspired by the boom-bap era and spirituality alone. Coming from 5 of 10 members, the new single represents a new era of voices from the underground as of 2021.  If you’re somebody looking for an alternative sound in todays’ expansive Hip-Hop culture, the PTC is most definitely a group to shine a light upon.

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STREAM Blessed 2C Light on All Major Platforms on May 5th by PTC


Who is Pull-Thru Chaos?

The PTC consists of ten members: Haustility (Executive Producer), Mperial Beatz (Executive Producer), A.M.A.R.U. (Emcee), Moko (Guitarist), Aper Zaper (Emcee), Arkatype (Producer, Emcee) Down (Vocalist), Moon Magic (Emcee), Theatre Mutiny (Emcee), and The Outcome (Emcee).

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The single is from the upcoming debut album “Preserving The Culture - Volume One” by the Pull Thru Chaos Music Group or better known simply as The PTC. The new single Blessed 2C Light addresses subject matter such as break-dancing, writing, parenting, artisanship, spirituality, positive thinking, and life as an underground Emcee in the era of COVID-19.


What: PTC New Single Release

Release Date: May 5, 2021

Song: Blessed 2C Light

Artist: Pull Thru Chaos

Album: Music Single from “Preserving The Culture - Volume One” 

Features: Moon Magic, Aper Zaper, Hostility, A.M.A.R.U., and Theatre Mutiny.

Where: On all major platforms. Spotify, iTunes, Google, etc.


© Pull Thru Chaos

Contact: ptcpresents@gmail.com

Dallas, Tx, 75214 - Sacramento, CA 95820