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Originally released on, September 5, 2013

Re-Published for distribution, February 5, 2020 on We Need Heroes Records.




  1. Greatest Story Never Told
  2. Hip-Hop Everywhere
  3. One Day ft. Klazz and Mrz. Roze
  4. Becoming Free ft. Obscure
  5. One Thing
  6. Life’s A Bitch
  7. Ready Or Not ft. Obscure
  8. I Want Hip-Hop Now ft. HurriKane Da Poet, and Mrz. Roze
  9. The Sorrow ft. Jr. Crowly
  10. To The Top
  11. Shine ft. HurriKane Da Poet, Mrz. Roze, and Tornado Da Poet



On the long road to truth and freedom, Theatre Mutiny and The Outcome come together to relieve all you hip-hop heads from the mainstream pressure of following irrelevant facades and trends. 'We Need Heroes' presents to you the Cali-Street-Mixtape! Featuring special appearances by underground California artists: Mrz.Roze, Klazz, Obscure, The Outcome, HurriKane Da Poet and his daughter, Tornado Da Poet.


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