UPDATE: Regarding My Lyrics and Twitch

Hey everybody,

Wishing you all well in the remainder of the year 2021. At this point we have all seen only the worst of times for great things have yet to come. I have faith in better outcomes and lighter sides that overcome darknesses. I know most of us do, regardless don't believe everything you read, as they say...

With that being said, I will be utilizing this blog space to elaborate my lyrics from songs I have already released on all major platforms. And if not elaborate, at least provide you with the full lyrics to each song. This is just a heads up.

Also my Twitch channel is up and ready to go. See you on Thursday at this link for my first stream: https://www.twitch.tv/theatremutiny

Don't forget I will be posting a lot of my lyrical content here in the upcoming coming blogs. Stay tuned!

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