To NEW Things in 2022

Updated: Mar 17

A little dog named Pharaoh...

It is roughly two months into the new year and I want to kindly thank you all for being so patient with me in the last couple of weeks. Many new things have come into fruition and I am happy to share them with you all soon.. My family has grown to include a new puppy named Pharaoh and I’m excited to train him as one of our own. He is a tough little cookie so far with such little sharp claws/teeth, and cross-bred with Chihuahua/Dachshund. A small yet handful lad. I‘ll introduce him soon via my new TikTok channel from time to time, but for now here is a picture.

Also, I have lots of new art and music coming this year. About the Art? As of January 13th I have branded myself FVDesign27 on various platforms as you might have noticed by now if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter. My goal is to share more of my graphic design works and illustrations under the pesudeonym which expresses my work flow during the pandemic, working as a full time artist in 2022. The best places to see my latest designs will now be on blogs like this, RedBubble and Spreadshirt. Also be sure follow these new pages on Instagram @FVDesign27 , TikTok @FVDesign27 , and Pinterest @FVDesign27

On Music? New music with the PTC has been in the works since last year and I just wrote some solo material in the last couple of weeks so it is definitely coming. I will be utilizing the new TikTok channel to share new lyrics and poetry too. But of course I want to start sharing more of my art projects with you all so stay tuned on there. I will also be sharing some new client work and personal project pieces as always. Thats a promise. I honestly do miss tattooing and doing live shows/Djing but for now I will remain more present online until things boil over.

I’m am also, currently working on a few NFT projects with a couple of friends in LA and Sacramento, but I cannot say much here for confidential purposes, just know that we are trying something new utilizing both music and motion graphics alike. Don't forget, be sure to follow me on RedBubble for art prints. (below)

This blog will be short, I just wanted to take the time to catch up with you all. The new year is treating me good so far and I hope it is doing the same to you. Thank you all for supporting me over the years. If you happen to have any requests or any suggestions for future art, illustrations, paintings, etc: please contact me.

Lastly, I am now open for commisions (custom artwork, graphic material for your business) but will only be taking up to five works at a time. Depending on the scope of the work of course. Anyways lets have some fun!

To 2022!!

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