Time Travel or Astral Projection

The more I dwelve on whether time is real or not, I come to the conclusion that it may have a case of multiple personality disorder or at least the characteristics of such frequency. Let's first pay heed to what makes time-time and what exactly is time in itself? According to the Oxford Dictionary: "Time is the indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole." Notice that how when you read the words for the definition of time its simply says "it is the in-definite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regards as the whole," as if Time consumes itself when trying to be described in a sentence alone. Go Oxford Dictionary! I just witnessed a literature wormhole just now.

Nevertheless, away from the Oxford reference, to me Time is anything that is calculable, and or a conversion of a measurable value to symbols or glyphs, most likely a numerological language. Or any pre-conceived notion that change is present and indeed happening. Like the Sun going down as it gets darker outside. Which any creature with thought and perception alone could possibly conceive of on their own. This is only my definition after all the years of questioning the subject of time itself. Can you ask your dog or cat what time it is? Or what they even think time could be? Maybe? It definitely does not stop me from asking my cat. But this is why I bring it up because, I am capable of doing so, and for the sake of humanity on some12 Monkey's schtick. For those of you whom have seen the 12 Monkeys series, wasn't it kind of erie to watch during the mist of global pandemic? (Spoiler Alert) Considering the plot involving a virus that literally destroys humanity. Well, it was for me. And to say nevertheless, I enjoyed the series very much. Too bad there was only four seasons available on Hulu. With time-travel being the main theme, you would think it would be impossible to end such a series; but they did a great job overall. I fell in love with the characters and the plot seemed to always thicken even when things seem to be going fine. It was a great lesson on the subject of causality too. Who knows? Maybe they will surprise us with a 5th season.

On another note, have you ever heard the song "Time" by Pink Floyd? Such a great classic that ponders on the subject of time, so I know I'm not alone; nor the first to have such thought on what they refer to as a "broken magic spell." in their final lyrics. Perhaps, Time itself wrote this question. Who am I? Who else is documenting this idea at the moment? I am the one asking the question, with not just a thought but with the ability to blog using my fingers on this keyboard about such thought, having access to a World Wide Web. I'm only human after all. Or am I? In this case with this amount of power, I could be time being possessed by time. I can slow it down or speed it up by simply asking my readers silly questions, or ignore the fact that I am wearing a wristwatch. Do you believe in time travel? I do and at times I don't. Either way time is still happening.

Funny how some dreams can make you feel like you're on top of the world some nights while others can make you feel like you're some sort of metaphysical lab rat who benefits mankind by simply playing along. It's not a dark sentiment if you have the ability to see it's benefits. One being that you will never be alone again, even if you were by yourself alone in your room. There is always the suggestion of clarity when it comes to this situation. When you are in the moment, you will always feel the question on you neck.

Just the other day it was Daylight Savings Time, which means we sprinted forward by an hour for the Spring Equinox. Now, what I don't understand is how the hell do you know if the time/date is accurate if we have spent thousands of years playing with it or simply trying to figure it out. One thing is for sure, I enjoy talking about the possibilities of what time may be then actually waiting for time to pass by with such fascinating thoughts; particularly on the subject. One of my favorite movies and books is The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. And now that I have the time away from Math homework to sit back and enjoy my time on this precious Earth; I will take the time to enjoy this film once more.

So with that being said, I will catch you all next time.

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