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Updated: Jan 17, 2021

A brief history on the PTC...

If you are someone who has been following my music for some time then you may not need a proper introduction for the group PTC, but rather an update. Either way, for those who are new to the subject at hand, this blog is for you. The hip-hop troupe formally known as the Pot Tyme Champs (coined originally by Arkatype, Moko, Theatre Mutiny (yep Me), Aper Zaper, and Blasfemy) out of Dallas, Texas has recently extended its' members to include artists from Virginia to California. The PTC began going by the name Pull Thru Choas in 2016 keeping the P.T.C. acronym at heart. As one of the original founder(s) of the group, circa 2004 with another guy known as Dazer(0) or (Takoe), I could go into the history a lot deeper, but will be saving this information for a later topic. Returning to the scene wasn't easy as a music group that originally started as a graffitit-crew where everyone would rather go painting than make music. Eventually we would do both. As more members such as The Outcome, Down, and Haustility were inducted between 2011 and 2013, things became possible and evolved into the group that you will hear today. Also, in 2014 Street Dialectics became a member, but is no longer involved with the group due to personal reasons as of this blog. Lastly, members Mperial Beatz, A.M.A.R.U., and Moon Magic officially joined the group early 2020, bringing the total to 10 members. This expansion has made a significant impact on our sound and mission moving forward as the new PTC Music Group in 2021.

...Now back to the headline

Outside of music, the PTC has recently launched the new YouTube Series Indica: News Music Review , which originates as a play on words for 'in the cut.' The goal was to extend the PTC message onto other social media platforms during the midst of the pandemic and ultimately get the group working together on creative projects such as artist interviews, artist tributes, and music reviews. Within the group itself, it was also a good way for old and new members to get to know each other from afar via Zoom. Hence the first couple of episodes are dedicated to The Outcome, Arkatype, and A.M.A.R.U. You may also notice the theme song for Indica is an original score by our very own Mperial Beatz. See links below.

Screenshot from EP:1 - The Outcome Interview

Episode One was The Outcome interview which debuted on August 31, 2020.

Being our first Indica episode, It was the one that set the standard for all future episodes as far as style, layout, and execution came to be. You will notice some changes as we move from episode one to episode four. In EP:1, The Outcome tells his personal story as an Emcee in this segment. You can also catch him every Wednesday from 5:00 - 6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) via Instagram LIVE @theoutcome831ptc on Soundchexxx!

Screenshot from EP:2 - The Arkatype Interview & Live Performance

Episode Two features an interview and a live performance by Arkatype, so you do not want to miss this one if you haven't caught it already. Me and the Arkatype go way back, so seeing my brother get down like this brought back memories from our earliest days 'in the cuts' off Melody Lane. Arkatype is probably one of the busiest members in the group by far. Check out his personal Bandcamp page: ARKATYPE's Bandcamp Link . The dude has multiple Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages up now as we speak. You get the gist.

Thumbnail Variant from EP:3 - The Tupac Tribute

Episode Three is our first dedication segment to the legendary 2PAC better known as Tupac Amaru Shakur. Though it has been almost 25 years since Tupac has passed, his music continues to generate creative sparks across the globe. This episode is strictly dedicated to all the hardcore Tupac fans out there. I had tons of fun editing this episode for our fallen Hip-Hop Olympian. We stand with you in 2021 and beyond, enjoy!

Screenshot from EP:4 - The Najee Amor Interview

Episode Four features mid-west (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) hip-hop talent Najee Amor. Exploring both his past and future projects, Me and Mperial Beatz lead the conversation alongside The Outcome. Najee Amor is definitely an artist who is not only driven but dedicated to his craft as his music speaks for itself. You can get a preview of his sound at the end of this exclusive interview.

Screenshot from EP:5 - The A.M.A.R.U. Interview

Episode Five features the A.M.A.R.U. interview led by Moon Magic, Me, and The Outcome. Did you know that A.M.A.R.U. stands for Analyzing My Always Rotating Universe? Well, we found out in this episode. His name may represent something too deep for most clap-rappers but having A.M.A.R.U. as brother Emcee in PTC is an honor to say the least. Watch this episode and witness the courageous wit and wisdom he brings for yourself. You will see what I mean.

Now, this brings you up to date to where the Indica YouTube Series currently stands. Our newest and latest episode premeires on Monday, January 18th, 2020, 7 pm PST, which will be our Sixth Episode where The PTC Interviews Sapien Beats, a hip-hop beat-maker from Springfield, Massachusetts. Had fun editing this one two led by Me and The Outcome. I hope you enjoy the Indica series.

I tried my hardest to keep the details above to a minimum so that the videos can speak for themself, but as always thank you for reading and don't forget to Subscribe!

Screenshot: An Indica Moment #1 - Ft. Sapein Beats, The Outcome, and Theatre Mutiny, December - 2020

-Theatre Mutiny

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