Started Painting Again

Its been a moments since I last blogged, yet even longer since I've been able to work on some artwork. Finally completing school back in May (2021) and enjoying the summer with my family has given me so much gratitude. And just having the free time to catch up on reading books and sleep altogether has led my creativity to skyrocket this year. Good thing I had several works in progress just sitting around the house, I also had the chance to develop new concepts in the past couple of weeks. After all, I've never been a fan of rushing a painting or creative project. You can check out my new work here on my Instagram page @savetheworldmachine.

I'd like to take the time in todays blog to honor my most recent painting below, mainly due to Instagrams caption limitation. Allow me to elaborate on how this painting came to be.

Title : Transmutation of Consciousness

Size : 18” x 36” in

Medium : Mixed Media

This painting explores the subjects of abundance and development of ones true will. Like the everlasting song of nature completing another cycle; the movement of the seasons and consciousness in its purest form are represented by a sacred forest. Choice of vivid colors (mostly green and purples, secondaries) are influenced by youth and the aging process of time. I also drew great inspiration from the Greek goddess Artemis (Diana), lover of woods and the wild chase over the mountains. Represented by the purple Owl. She was the Lady of Wild Things, Huntsman-in-chief to the gods, an odd office for a woman. Like a good huntsman, she was careful to preserve the young; she was “the protectress of dewy youth” everywhere.

In the later poets, Artemis is identified with Hecate, she is “the goddess of three-forms,” Selene in the sky (the Owl), Artemis on Earth (the Praying Mantis), Hecate (the Cricket) in the lower world and in the world above when it is trapped in darkness. Artemis, ruler of Cancer, is also sometimes referred to as the Moon Goddess. Artemis symbolizes the empathetic and nurturing nature of this sign, since she has magical powers of healing and immortality. The red ruby is the birthstone of Cancer, which is another significance due to the timing and completion of this painting with tonight being the last day of Cancer (June 21 - July 21)

Other associations:

The Praying Mantis (representing summer/the present) symbolizes patience, balance, and stillness. Interestingly and quite unpredicted, upon finishing the final details of the Mantis, a green one showed up in my backyard, and stayed underneath a canopy I had pitched for DJ practice durning the 4th of July weekend. It stayed for 3 days enjoying the other insects that were trapped in as well. Guessing that was its true intention. I went ahead left my canopy pitched outback just in case it decided to return. Here is a small video I recorded of our little visitor the first day of its arrival. Recorded on my iPhone: SE

I would later read that when a praying mantis pays you a visit, it is usually a sign of good luck and a time for mediation. In which, one should reflect on their daily habits at the current time of visitation and consider alternate options if necessary, especially involving ones love life. I gathered the following from

"The mantis never makes a move unless she is 100% positive it is the right thing for her to do. This is a message to us to contemplate and be sure our minds and souls all agree together about the choices we are making in our lives."

The Cricket (representing autumn/the future) is a bearer of happiness and love in our lives. The Cricket’s long antennas are a symbol of intuition and sensitivity and a connection to the spirit world, enlightenment. The Lock pad is a representation for new openings or beginnings, surrounded by hops (representing growth and sustenance) hence the transmutation of the seasons. While the key represents the resolution of past conflicts and progression on ones spiritual journey. The key to life is at the tail end of wisdom. Two alchemy signs present are (1) caput mortuum symbol - representing decay (top) and (2) the alcohol symbol (below, next the mantis) which is called “living water” or water containing spirits.

Full view of Transmutation of Consciousness

Again, this is my take on the subject matters (above) with a bit of influence by my own family unit and some added resource by Edith Hamilton’s book Mythology. The rest is up for interpretation but the main focus was the transmutation of ones consciousness. May this painting bring its viewer pure luck and joy in the coming seasons of change.

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