Spacial Abstractions and Color Studies - Pt. 1

Over the years, color has played a huge role in my development as an observer of nature but also as a graphic designer. I've had many troubles trying to get my color right in paintings or illustrations which is completely different from seeing colors on a computer screen (or phone screen for those of you reading this on your mobile devices).

Our brains can only pick up so much color or none at all without light (or the color white precisely) and it is my belief - as a near-sighted person; that I've only begun to see certain colors for the first time ever thanks to the added blue light on my computer screen. Before I bought my first laptop in 2012, I was only playing with colors depending on whatever can of spray paint I could get my hands on. So you can only imagine the limited color palettes that I was working with in the past. I usually went with black and white just to keep things simple but I still had a great amount of fun running thru scrap cans.

Furthermore, I would just let it be but in most of my paintings I still thrived in getting my colors to contrast as perfect as possible. No such thing as perfect right?...just wait until you start adding colors to your designs then you will truly start to discover some possibilities. The more I came to understand how crucial color can be when it comes to emotions, the human psyche, and subject matters alone; I tried my best to execute colors appropriately and more fluid as possible.

What do these colors say to you? Compared to the cowboys blue version up above?

It does get tricky to my eyes personally for someone that depends on glasses to see in real life. Personally, I would rather use the color pink to contrast with black than using white because of the added character and tonality that comes with a such fiery and fierce color alone. The color magenta especially carries a universal voice according to art experts, so ironically it is also my go to when channeling freedom in my topics or designs.

Colors have an interesting way of creating or implying beautiful relationships with each other and in some cases create a mystery in hinting at invasive ideas or something more covert(hidden) yet strikingly meaningful.

My favorite colors have always been between the blue hues and purplish pigmentations. Rightfully, Indigo and black are what I prefer to wear physically when it comes to pants or tees/socks, etc. However painting with colors gives me the ability to think more fluid and freely away from the ego and my personal physique alone.

Consequently, I'm learning to appreciate the contrasting colors that help build up stories through imagery, description, or subject matters that are meant to be embraced through tone. How we foreshadow a story with choice of color can make or break a design. I've taken classes on color theory a few years back and I've picked up the habit of carrying around a color wheel in my tool box. (or backpack) Just in case I need to create any color schemes to their advantage. This is magic people.

I tend to resonate with undertones or shadows - the in between-er tones of the color spectrum; which seem to fascinate me the most. Basically, because they are the ones that tend to fool us or work a magic more subtle. So I pay close attention to these colors that live in the shadows.

Colors can indeed whisper to us in their own psychological way, so it may be best to learn to speak their vernacular or language.

Spacial Abstraction in an earthly green color scheme.

I believe attitude and personality should be reflected by choice color (and vice versa), and in exchange represent the tone of the story being underlined. Some stories are even gullible enough to utilize all colors of the rainbow (or the entirety of the color spectrum) yet it is the minimalist color scheme that seems to hold a distinctive and significant frequency to get a certain message across.

Therefore, I always take my time when choosing color schemes and tones. Pigments and colors may never match up precisely without examples, so we can only tune into the frequency respectively. The energy to each palette and a combination of tones can be built upon of course. And that will always be up to the eye of the designer.

I tell myself everyday "don't be afraid to explore.. don't be afraid to create when it comes to color combinations, don't be afraid to be different" It used to be my greatest fear but I've learned to embrace it over the years and it has become my greatest advantage.

How does the 49ers Red version (above) make you feel compared to the the Magenta version before? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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