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Wishing you well as Winter creeps into Spring. And as new things begin to bloom, I'd like to take the moment to talk about our latest update and the rebranding for the Soundchexxx, Hip Hop Talk Show hosted by Me (Theatre Mutiny) and my PTC comrade - The Outcome.

We officially launched Soundchexxx as a response to the global pandemic, trying to keep up with current events and engage with fans online. May 13th 2020 would become our very first Wednesday going live on Instagram. Now we are reaching our second year and rolling into our eighty-forth episode this week.

top: Theatre Mutiny and bottom: The Outcome live on Instagram
Screenshot from Episode 32 of Soundchexxx via Instagram Live

A couple things to note before I move forward regarding goals for the new year and brand. As we began our journey on Instagram live, we learned some valuable lessons in regards to copyright issues and had 5 episodes deleted from the Instagram platform along the way, including one cancellation while I was on vacation; which would technically have us in our 90th episode currently.

Nevertheless, some things happen for a reason and we took these moments to redevelop and hone in on the Soundchexxx name and purpose. We also dropped the original 'New Rhymes and Music' slogan in exchange for the official 'Hip-Hop Talk Show' tagline in late 2020.

Over the weekend I sat down with co-host The Outcome to discuss what Soundchexxx has become for the both of us over the years and this is how that conversation went.

Soundchexxx discussion by Theatre Mutiny (TM) and The Outcome (TO)

TM: Okay brother as you already know when we initially began Soundchexxx in 2020, it was a way for us to keep up with the growing Hip-Hop culture and to discuss upcoming projects that we personally have in the works. Yet, over the years our stance shifted into these deep conscious discussions of all things relative to music and politics in a full hours length talk show. Also, it is important to note: each episode is done unscripted and completely free styled every week, so we have both built a skill of guerrilla journalism in a weird but fruitful way. I love where we stand today as hosts so I've put together a couple of questions to ask you in regards to our journey on the Instagram platform.

TM: What has Soundchexxx been for you since we started it? Has it changed much or stayed the same? TO: Soundchexxx has been a platform to relay information between you, me, and the audience that chooses to interact with us about topics that are either currently at hand, to topics that almost seem taboo to speak on (such as spirituality, Covid-19, international and domestic policies, etc.) Much of what Soundchexxx has been, remains. Some alterations have been made, but it’s basically to improve our platform.

Screenshot from Soundchexxx Episode 26, via Instagram Live, 2021

TM: What role or roles do you see Soundchexxx playing for the Instagram Community?

TO: As many platforms established by different public figures, Soundchexxx plays the role of informing and staying in touch with our audience through discussion of current events worldwide to local within the Instagram community.

TM: If there was anything you’d like to add to Soundchexxx, what would that be?

TO: One aspect I would like to see changed on Soundchexxx is being able to add extra guests into our discussions via IG live, where currently it allows only one person to be added.

TM: Yea that would be dope. We could support indie artist and brands respectively. Plus many artists have reached out to me in the past and I would like to follow through with them if Instagram can upgrade a feature to enable more parties for live sessions.

Fingers crossed.

TM: Do you think Soundchexxx would work on any other platform like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc? If yes, which ones?

TO: I believe Facebook, YouTube, possibly Twitch are mediums that would give success to Soundchexxx if we made the crossover to them.

TM: So far, we have one full episode on YouTube, Episode 19 where to you taught our viewers how to make Shrimp Fried Rice (that was fun). But we never really made YouTube a priority and that may change soon. You can watch that by clicking on the image below.

Disclaimer: Video has been blocked in several countries by YouTube due to our Guess That Artist segment. My apologies I am working on getting it back up.

TM: Do you think Instagram can be more supportive for shows like Soundchexxx? In one sentence or more describe how?

TO: I feel if Instagram allowed more time for those who chose to go live, it would offer those entities opportunities to further projects they have in order to seek the involvement of their audience.

TM: Agreed, let us hope that someone can get this message to Instagram.

TM: What is your favorite part about Soundchexxx? TO: The Guess That Artist part. Especially, after in-depth discussions that may come across as heavy or depressing.

TM: Yes! The segment called Guess That Artist occurs in the final 15 minutes of each episode which has become an entertaining game where I spin 5 random songs (usually from the Hip-Hop and R-N-B category) and The Outcome has to guess who the artist is. Our viewers are encouraged to help and participate by dropping hints in the comments. This is where all the fun happens as a way of closing out each episode. However, this is also the segment that sometimes gets us flagged on IG due to copyright issues, yet I settle these disputes with IG and eventually get to post them to my feed. As the DJ, I’ve learned to just play shorter segments of each song and Instagram goes easy on us. After all we do not intend to make any profit for playing the music we use for educational purposes only.

TM: If you could get any company to sponsor the Soundchexxx brand, who would that be? TO: I would like a beer brewing company (Elysian Brewing Company) to provide sponsorship in a rather timely yet insightful platform such as Soundchexxx.

TM: Yes bro, as we already endorse their products by consuming a few cold ones every once in awhile. So, cheers to that. Lets' keep the dream of endorsements at heart moving forward for sure. That is all the questions I have for you now, until Soundchexxx this Wednesday of course.


You have reached the end of our discussion (for now.) Be sure to tune in and watch the 1-hour Soundchexxx episodes every Wednesday form 5:00-6:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) on our Instagram pages. At least show up in the last quarter of the hour to join in on the Guess That Artist segment, I promise you if you love music as much as we do, you will surely enjoy it. See you there.

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