In the Midst of Chaos...

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

... though there is still plenty of work to be done, remember to pull back and breathe for a couple of seconds or more (why not). Remember to be yourself too. Time moves on regardless and no tree nor root is created equal. That is what Mutiny is all about; rebelling from the idea of even being similar to anyone and everything else when it comes to being a lyricist, poet, and emcee. I enjoy rapping about things that 90% rappers these days would choose not to rap about anyways. That may sound like a high percentage but I'm sure the statistic is much higher if you pay attention. In the end some things will always be more important. Thank God for the NEW 2020 Goodie Mob album: Survival Kit. Take notes Emcees.

The front door has picked up more dust from the daily postal visits alone, we barely leave this place for family trips anymore. For safety purposes of course. Sometimes I walk alone to the store nearby just to move these young kneecaps. Thanks to the pandemic things aren't the same but at least the birds still come by to sing us songs at 5 AM. The stray cat has officially become family. Who would of thought that such a beautiful creature would drop out of the sky just to hang out with us for a couple years lol. Yes, he has been living under this house for several years according to the elders of the house. It seems as if a fairy has just paid us a visit and decided to stay. I love this little fur-ball. So solemn and affectionate. He has taught this family nothing but patience.

Never rush a great idea because you feel the need to look busy in the public eye. After all who cares what they think right?... shit I care either way and it's okay too, but like I said in the beginning, remember to pull back and breathe for a couple of seconds when you sense a chaotic choice of thought. Those thoughts come easy when you're stuck in your own head and these thoughts can knock you off balance. Remember to pull over often to rest. The vehicle you drive through town to deliver the goods must remain safe for so many may depend on it. Life goes on and so should you in good spirits, the rhythm will run deep if you let it. It's very easy to block a possibility with fear so know when to give in avoid rash conclusions. You can study the art of risk taking without taking any risk, but do it with confidence.

If you truly make music from the heart then your art lives to see another day each day that you and your heart does. In fact, your art is your offspring. You can teach it to walk, dance, and fly. But don't rush in and watch it flop. Never rush a project that you feel has an important message that must be delivered. There is no reason to give up your own personal hopes and dreams either. Sunny days will always come. Both cold and hot coesxist in space regardless of politics, likes and follows. Some things are easier said than done but you already know the answer to most of things that you may have questions for. The truth in intuiton lies within. Just remember to pull back and breathe. Push-ups help me, honestly any exercise will do just get your blood flowing for at least 20 minutes. The answers are not always soothing yet, music is and will always be a universal language. Embrace the differences and you will always have a good time when listening to other artist do their thing. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Just be grateful that you can do it and that you have a drive to pursue it. A simple life has the highest quality because the amount of energy it takes to sustain it. At what cost should you have to pretend that everything is alright. Hasn't this pandemic taught you anything? Well you still have time like I said before, just pull back for a bit. Gardening should be the new currency. Sustainability is all about perspective and accountability. Though things may seem dim, the future remains in our grasp. Never forget that. I will remind you every chance I get whether it be in my rhymes, art, or conversation alone. And if there ever comes a time when I cannot reach you. Nature will find its way to you with the same message that I had the opportunity to understand. The seeker will always find what it is looking for in some form or another, yet a lot more of other information on the journey to the answer alone. Remember to write shit down. Thats the ultimate gift of the Emcee.

Observe nature to remain at peace with your self. I do it often with literature alone. Reading is spiritually therapeutic so read a book often in the midst of chaos. Always remember books help build creativity in brain functionality and within your imagination lies the nature of your spiritual existence. This is why reading is so important on top of a thousand other great reasons that you can come up with on your own. Nothing is uncertain if you have plans and goals that can still be accomplished. No one is rushing you besides your idea of time alone. If your boss is rushing you quit that job and take control. After all you do have control. Somewhere in a mansion there are several clocks that have stopped running and haven't been dusted in almost a decade. The for sale sign cannot be seen in the middle of the desert With so much further to go, you are just getting started. I will leave this blog with a poem.

I found a space in my mind that helps me escape

Nevertheless Music

One way to cure the boredom of the day floating away into nothingness

Nevertheless Music

When I feel hopeless and enraged flipping through these pages becoming something ever strange

I put my troubles to the side and create embracing the music

Like traveling a maze filled with beeswaxed staircases and cracked walls crawling with reptilian monsters

I cling to the music

When these monsters evolved into stronger creatures licking the lights of sunshine keeping us in the dark yet full awake but can't escape

I become one of three and Embrace nevertheless music

Embracing things that I cannot change absorbing the pain

I become something of starvation and hunger nevertheless music

Never let the trends of today make you settle for less becoming something greater even you stress nevertheless

Become the music

-Theatre Mutiny

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