Another Smooth Transition

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Another season has begun and the transition of the houses comply in ascension as it has been for more than memory alone can tell you. So far the season has treated this family with grace, I just hope it does the same to everyone else this year as well. The year is almost over. Will next year be better? Well that is up to us. We tend to depend on books and artifacts for things we seek answers to. Or do we? I love to question everything honestly but sometimes I do have those moments where I don't want to be reminded of any thing at all. It's okay to take a step back occasionally just to be able to breathe. I try my best to pull back often, but I admit it's definitely not often enough.

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Truthfully I feel a sense of growth altogether within my thoughts alone, but like the moisture on the morning grass as the Sun rises, it eventually evaporates. With trace amounts of Vitamin D in the eggs we eat, wintertime will always be a time with less sunshine. Depression may creep in naturally, but I like I said before, I do hope you all remain at peace and get through the days ahead altogether. Because we will, like we always have been doing for centuries. Music can help too I promise, any form, try a new form, why not, you'd be surprised what goodies you'd could come across. Whats the worst the thing that could happen; you becoming a DJ? lol..

Dear reader I apologize if I write in time sequences and shift from memories quite unexpected. I usually write in rhyme schemes unformatted. Simply thoughts stacked up on thoughts. This is not one of those times by the way. If I do rhyme it was on accident.

I believe this is the reason why I enjoy freestyle sessions. My thoughts tend to move faster than my tongue can keep up with though I may not always rhyme, there is a pattern that gets created in frequency. Your energy and choice of words combined do the trick. Like the weather seasons when hot and cold are combined at different levels creating a dynamic range of natural disasters. Us humans know this trick all too well. So it's okay to tell someone every once in awhile, "don't fuck with me!" Also never underestimate what someone else is capable of.

Honestly, freestyle battles and sessions can get intense but it is a great way to unwind and find relief during any season. The act of freestyle can boost your blood circulation too. Like booting any machine, you can be tuned up or down. You can also be tuned to a certain key, or mood. It is very similar to working out any muscle or instrument, you can only get better with time. I like to think of it as building up great memories through melodies, experiences, and rhymes sequences, or what any scientist would refer to as time sequences. Perhaps? Whatever it may be, it's what runs freely through most emcees and musicians/artists, when they are heated in the act of emceeing/creating. (Creators) The willingness to play with words and personal thought and shared experiences improvised with intention. Emcees that don't necessarily have to write bars, but choose to feel out that moment altogether seizing the moment. It's the rawest form of being human I believe. Sharing the electric activity within through words and expressions alone. I write to let thoughts go as a release of tension and to remind my self certain thoughts before they get washed away in my R.E.M. state. At least that is what I was taught to think. That some thought can go away forever. Others we die with. Who gets to pick? Then again, what exactly is R.E.M. state and could I possibly apply that electromagnetic shit to my electric bill in the near future? If, so plug in me!

As the rain continues to fall and clean away last weeks dust form my neighbors blow machine, I am reminded of the Summer and heat combined every year. This isn't so bad either way, it's just this Pandemic that sucks. Also, Sacramento has been cold and wet off and on for the majority of this month so far. So hopefully I get better sleep as the days get colder. I hope that you do too. According to the forecast the Valley gets a weeks worth of love from the skies above until Friday. It's occasionally dry and hot out here anyways, so I know the land and people would deeply appreciate it either way. In a way, it is a reminder to our collective species that the true powers that be at work is indeed Mother Nature.

And like the past seasons continue to flow we must learn to let things go just as smoothly as the ones before and after, every season is one of growth.

-Theatre Mutiny

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