Theatre Mutiny's Melodrama of the Spheres Volume 1: is a collection of old and new material from the Mutiny archive especially in his earliest poet/spoken word days. Some of the songs once featured on his Soundcloud page and were taken down to preserve space for future releases. Melodrama Of The Spheres also displays multiple original beats by Mutiny alongside some candid skits. If you've been a fan for awhile, you're in for a surprise some of these tunes you might be familiar with, and others you may have never knew existed until now.

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DJ Rates at an affordable price for your next special event. Currently, only excepting Sacramento based services unless otherwise negotiated. Visit the Rates section for standard rates or message us for an estimate.

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For collaborations or guest features, please message us with what you have in mind. Features are free unless otherwise negotiated and travel expenses are involved.

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Offering beat production, artist management, and creative direction for any artist or company needing help on their music endeavors.


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Based in Sacramento, Theatre Mutiny is a professional Musician that has dedicated their life’s works to music and performance. Perfecting their technical abilities and unique sound over the years, Theatre Mutiny has mastered live shows and unforgettable studio recordings, while captivating the hearts of fans and audience members across the nation. Get in touch to learn more about their musical expertise, repertoire, performance rates, and graphic design services. Theatre Mutiny is always seeking collaborators and guest features. Please message us if you are interested.



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